What is Cohort?

Cohort is a professional social graph of over 2 billion analysed relationships, from 215 million people.

Cohort helps you find the people you need through the people you already know and trust. You can use it to help you find advice, or to help you find the right person to hire, or to find access to a decision maker to help you make that sale, or develop a partnership with. 

As a networking tool, Cohort can be used in any way you'd think of using your professional network today. 

Cohort helps you do the heavy lifting, when it comes to who knows who, and what they know. So you don't have to spend time thinking, emailing, calling or broadcasting the fact you need help with something. 

How does Cohort do this?

Cohort analyses public and private sources of data, to understand how likely two people, or a group of people, are to know each other in real life. Cohort is concerned with understanding the potential for social capital in a network, and how it can be used to help people solve problems. 

How do you gather this public data?

See our privacy policy

I don't want my information in Cohort. How can I opt out?

See our privacy policy. You can send an email to privacy@cohort.is and ask for any public data that we have gathered on you to be removed from Cohort. 

What do I need to use Cohort?

Right now, you need to have a Twitter account, and be following a few people who you know in real life, that you can ask a favour of. Ideally, they should follow you back. 

What does Cohort cost?

Cohort is free for individuals to use. 

What is social capital and why is it important?

There is no universally agreed upon definition of what social capital is - although many have tried. In the context of Cohort, we evaluate social capital as the ability to ask someone for a favor. Doing so implies that you both know each other well enough to be motivated to help each other. It could mean that you previously have exchanged favors before, but at a minimum it implies that you have spent enough time with each other to be motivated to help. 

Social capital is important in the context of Cohort because
a. It's a powerful enabler of the network
b. You are likely underutilising it today, never mind thinking about how to acquire more. 

Think of social capital as the currency that Cohort operates on. 

How do I get in touch with the Cohort team

Drop us an email - help@cohort.is

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